Are you new to leadership? Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur launching an enterprise in an industry where you have a broad background. Maybe you’ve just received a promotion and now you are responsible for customer retention and acquisition.

When a new leader is promoted or an entrepreneur starts a business, they…

What do you want from your customer service experience? Do you want to be given the best of the best…or are you content with mediocre?

No matter what your answer is, most people want something better than the service they’re currently receiving. While this won’t ensure inadequate service will never…

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “Today, I will be a horrible boss!” Everyone, however, has a story that relates to a terrible experience with an inferior manager.

So…what makes a “bad” boss?

Asking this question on, one user said, “a bad boss is someone who does not know how to…

No one would suggest that innovation isn’t important. Yet we often get so busy doing that we spend little time thinking. Here are six quick ideas on how to become more creative.

Read a nonfiction book outside your usual genre.

It’s remarkable how a biography or autobiography of a…

“Start with why” is a philosophy widely popular in business today. There’s no doubt that knowing your “why” is an excellent motivational tool.

  • The problem is…customers don’t buy our “why.”
  • Customers buy our how.

Think about a recent purchase — anything from an extensive B2B investment to something as varied…

Scott McKain

Author of “Year’s Ten Best Business” books, “Create Distinction” and “ICONIC.” Member of Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame and Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

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