The future of your business and the Ultimate Customer Experience®

Scott McKain
3 min readSep 15, 2022

The Ultimate Customer Experience® is a unique approach to delivering precisely what your customers really want in a manner that ensures both:

1: the retention of the customer’s business

2: they will refer you to their friends and colleagues

Suppose a company is not delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience® to its customers. In that case, the company’s employees will likely become disengaged, possibly deciding to leave and go to work for one of your competitors — or “quiet quitting” and not peforming to your expectations.

In a survey of 700 small businesses conducted by American Express, 66% of business owners said they plan to leave their current position or sell their business within the next five years. Only 14% said they are happy where they are.

The reason often cited by owners of small businesses is they feel their company is suffering because they are not generating repeat and referral business.

This means it’s essential for you to continue evaluating your business, comparing it to what is possible, and putting systems and structures in place that will empower your colleagues and clients to encounter both the Ultimate Customer Experience and the Ultimate Employee Experience.

Think about which customers you genuinely want to serve and design your business in a way that allows you to give those customers the Ultimate Customer Experience®.

For example, Google believes that their customers need to access any information they are looking for as fast as possible. They developed their systems to empower both employees and customers to experience this. To ensure this happens, Google created a “How-To Guide” that tells employees exactly what steps they should take when developing new products or services.

Even though your business is no doubt significantly smaller than Google’s, it still begs the question: do your employees know precisely what actions they should undertake to obtain and retain customers for you?



Scott McKain

Author of “Year’s Ten Best Business” books, “Create Distinction” and “ICONIC.” Member of Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame and Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.